Sintered Engine Parts

Sintered Rocker Arm Support

Sintered Rocker Arm Support is a very vital part in the assembly of internal Combustion engine. Its application is to support rocker arm which the causes the poppet valves to open & close. Sintered Rocker Arm Support has to withstand at loads which comes through Rocker Arm. Nikam Iron Sintered Provides very high quality of sintered Rocker Arm Support for railways. And can also be manufacture for other applications like automotive, marine & aviation.

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Sinter Levers / Sintered Flanges

These have very wide application in automotive or non-automotive sector. These can be used in equipment manufacturing, Machine building, Actuators, Gearboxes, Piping, Shifters. These can be made in various sizes & shapes. It has advantages on convention parts like these can be made at near-net shape, so there is no raw material wastage, which results in low cost of product. Moderate strength in the part can be achieved based on its application. These parts can be brazed, resin impregnated or copper infiltrated based on the application. So Sintered Levers/Sintered Flanges are best alternative on conventional parts.

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Sintered Bearing Bush

The main advantage of sintered technology is that, we can vary the density of parts based on our application. And sintered bearing bush is the best example of the use of sintered technology. These bearing can be made of low to moderate density (6.0-6.6 gm/cc). Which allows it to be impregnated with the oil. So Porosity of the bearing is filled up by the lubricating oil. The working principle of sintered bearing is that, during run time of shaft a thin film of oil is generated in between & it lubricates, avoids friction. And in Ideal time oil again goes into the bearing. So in total life cycle of the bearing we don’t have to lubricate it with external oil. These has wide application in automotive & non-automotive sector like home appliances.

Nikam Iron Sintered Products Pvt. Ltd.